Key Blanks - Cylinder, Safe Deposit, Cabinets and Desks, Domestic Auto, Foreign Auto, Universal Bow

Key blanks are keys that have not yet been cut to match a specific lock. We sell key blanks of many types, brands, keyways and lengths. Originals and equivalents. Most of the key blanks we carry are made of nickel silver or brass. Brands include American Lock, Arrow, Assa, Best, CCL Security, CompX Chicago, Corbin Russwin, ESP Hudson, CompX Fort, Ilco, Jet, Kwikset, Master Lock, Medeco, CompX National, Olympus Lock, Sargent, Schlage, Southern Folger, Yale, and more.

For information on the extensive line of key blanks Jet Hardware, Ilco and CraftMaster Harwdare offer, download the comprehensive key blank directories!

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