ZAK Tool - Handcuff Keys, Law Enforcement & Public Safety Products

ZAK Tool products are designed especially for Police and Fire agencies. Made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials, these products are built to last. For example, the handcuff keys are of a standard design and are compatible with all standard series handcuffs. All keys are made of heat-treated stainless steel and are designed to provide an indefinite period of service. Because of the high-grade material and craftsmanship employed, it is possible and practical for them to offer an unlimited lifetime guarantee.

Zak Tools designs and builds products with the needs of law enforcement and public safety in mind. Their metal products utilize quality heat-treated steel. The molded compounds contain a unique, heavy-duty formula (patent pending). Zak is the originators and innovators in this field. They want to ensure the best quality and the best customer experience. Zak Tools high-quality components are ONLY made in the USA. Beware of cheap, imported imitation products – insist on the real thing.

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