Stanley Security Solutions - Hinges, Door Hardware, Door Accessories

STANLEY Security is a global provider of integrated security, health, and safety solutions and services. STANLEY Security is trusted by customers across the globe for innovative SaaS technology, seamless installation and integration, reliable maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and insightful analytics. They are guided by a vision of building safer, healthier, and more efficient environments for everyone.

Over a 175-year history, they’ve partnered with organizations from a wide range of sectors - including education, healthcare, and manufacturing and logistics - in over 60 countries. Experiencing a myriad of industries ensures they have the expertise for every need, delivering solutions that protect your people, safeguard your assets, improve your operations and secure your networks.

STANLEY strives to be the trusted name for the world’s protectors by designing, installing, monitoring, and servicing integrated security solutions. As one of the largest electronic security companies worldwide (based on total revenue), and with a broad reach, they can be there whenever - and wherever - you need them, focusing on providing personalized service for every customer.

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