PEEL Mirror System - Vandalism, Graffiti, and Shatterproof Innovative Mirror

Peel Mirror System is an innovative, cost-effective mirror solution designed to combat vandalism and graffiti. It features a unique multi-layer mirror film that can be easily peeled away to reveal a fresh mirror surface in case of vandalism.

Peel Mirror System is committed to providing innovative and reliable protective solutions that ensure the safety of your property and assets. Delivering unparallel protection, utilizing cutting edge technology, with a dedicated team of experts focused on preventative solutions. Peel Mirror System, a product of Property Protection International, strives to be the go-to solution for those seeking a reliable, durable, and affordable mirror option, creating cleaner, safer, and more welcoming environments.

Simple Installation Process: Hassle-Free Setup

Featuring an integrated mounting bracket, Peel Mirror System,  ensures a quick and trouble-free installation process. The user-friendly design allows easy attachment to any surface within minutes, providing a secure and reliable mirror solution.

Compare the Difference and Save!

Our Peel Mirror System delivers exceptional protection, offering four times the safeguarding capability compared to a single mirror. Our Peel Mirror System includes four mirrors, a stark contrast to the single mirror option that necessitates separate purchases, installation, and additional layers of protection. The costs involved in hiring a professional for installation can significantly inflate the total expenditure.

Benefits of Peel Mirror System

Installation kit – included

Pre-installed 4 layers of genuine Mirror Shield® by Graffiti Shield®

Ability to remove vandalism under 1 minute

Permanent wall mounting bracket for easy replacement

Shatter resistant

Benefit of Conventional Mirror

1 conventional mirror – included

No installation kit included

No anti-graffiti coating included

No pre-installation of Mirror Shield® by Graffiti Shield®

Not shatter resistant

72.46% in overall savings!

By opting for our Peel Mirror System, you receive a comprehensive package at a flat rate and eliminate the need for repetitive installations. With our easy-to-follow installation videos, mounting the mirror becomes a one-time task, simplifying the process for you. You can effortlessly order a replacement kit when you reach the fourth mirror. In contrast, acquiring and installing four new generic mirrors with films for your facility would result in substantially higher costs and added complexities.

Invest in the Peel Mirror System – a cost-effective, hassle-free solution that maximizes protection while minimizing expenses.

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