Olympus Lock - Rekeyable, Pin Tumbler Cabinet Locks, Interchangeable Core Cabinet Lock Bodies

Olympus Lock manufactures institutional grade cabinet locks that reflect the Company’s culture of design and ingenuity. The company pioneered rekeyable cabinet locks and holds numerous North American patents speaking to those inventions. By incorporating feedback from locksmiths at airports, casinos, schools, and hospitals, Olympus engineered its products to be both durable and easy to work with, making it the preferred choice of institutional locksmiths. The Company has been around for over three decades, is still family owned and operated, and boasts industry leading ship times.

Over the past 30 years, Olympus has expanded its product line to meet a variety of customer needs. Within each of the product families, Olympus offers a variety of cabinet lock types and finishes including door and drawer deadbolt locks, cam locks, sliding door locks and latch locks.

It has always been the intent of Olympus to provide cabinet locks that are easy to install, use, and service. Each product is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. Olympus offers a wide range of accessories to make the installation, use, and service of our products as easy as possible. Their design philosophy is to create locks that provide long-term benefits to the facility through increased efficiency, keyway compatibility and easy maintenance.

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