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Masonite Architectural is the leading global designer and distributor of interior and exterior doors. They produce doors for new construction and repair orders, renovation, remodeling, and residential and non-residential buildings.

The residential options for homes are built for protection and to provide aesthetic features. Masonite also has a line of architectural options for hospitality, healthcare, education and office settings. This company’s goal is to innovate and produce doors with a lower environmental footprint, while continuing to improve the cost and overall quality of the products.

Masonite Architectural residential solution, Aspiro series, is designed for the premium aesthetic and performance quality, including M-Pwr Smart doors that are the first to include integrated power, lights, a video doorbell and smart lock all in one system.

Masonite Architectural also offers solid core doors for better sound reduction and AquaSeal to make DuraStyle exterior wood doors 22x more water resistant.

Their product line also includes Cendura series which provides solutions for commercial buildings, the Baillargeon line specializing in custom door solutions, as well as the Defender Door Systems for school security with physical and ballistics tested doors and windows. These lines can be customized with assorted factory finished stains and paints to fit the design need.

Masonite Architectural offers wood veneer, standard painted and laminate finish options in a range of colors and tones.


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