ESP Hudson, Medium-Security Locks and Locking Systems

Hudson Lock, LLC was founded in 1963 with a mission to provide security locks to customers. Throughout the decades Hudson Lock has acquired HPC & ESP lock products, with the goal of becoming the most versatile manufacturer of security products.

With the emergence of technology in the locksmith market ESP Hudson Lock, LLC has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled employees. We are your one stop key and locksmith equipment provider committed to providing an expansive selection of locking products and services.

We offer an expansive line of highly engineered, specialty locksmith tools and equipment to distributors, hardware stores and locksmiths. All locks, keys and key machines that we supply are engineered and manufactured in the USA, providing unparalleled products and performance.

ESP Hudson provides versatile and dependable key machines with cutting edge key machines accurately producing and duplicating multiple keys. ESP Hudson has a wide range of locksmith tools and equipment at competitive prices. Specific tools and equipment include lock picks, safe impressioning, & car opening tools. In addition, we are the largest supplier of OEM cabinet & cam locks to the office furniture industry. Other OEM supplied locks include postal, electronic & specialty locks.

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