EMTEK, Built-to-Order Contemporary Design Residential Door Hardware

Personal style lives in the details. This is a belief that Emtek has valued since they began. For over 40 years, they've helped design lovers transform houses into homes with customizable door and cabinet hardware. Emtek residential door hardware is dedicated to bringing individual styles to a contemporary door product line.

The products offered range from door pulls, knobs, locks, handles, and many more. The design and theme of your room is at the core of their mission. Each order is customized and built to order in Emtek’s facility in Southern California.

The options for knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes are entirely up to you. Each piece is an opportunity to express your taste and invite others to experience your home or room however you imagine it.

Emtek Residential Door Hardware - Built-to-Order Contemporary Design Hardware

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Three undoubtful reasons:

  • Design Leadership: By seeking inspiration from outside the industry and having a strong understanding of what consumers want, Emtek drives the design conversation forward. Emtek designs for desire; and it celebrates people’s desire to express themselves through fashionable designs and carefully selected details to create a personal connection with their homes. By offering unique designs that are attainable, Emtek elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary. Emtek is constantly engaging with customers, and end users, to find suggestions on expanding into new product categories. Catering to customers is most important and finding solutions via good design is something they strive for.
  • Product Portfolio: Emtek offers a vast freedom of choice to create whatever hardware combinations you can imagine. With the widest range of categories, styles and finish options in the industry, you can customize quality decorative pieces that are uniquely yours at a range of price points. Emtek welcomes you to a world of possibilities. The door is open...your creative journey awaits.
  • Premium Quality: Quality you can see and feel is built into every Emtek product. It’s about form and function working in beautiful harmony. Emtek promises to deliver the best-performing hardware, always using quality materials. Because when you touch an Emtek product, you must feel safe, confident and impressed.

What are the benefits of Emteks custom assembly model?

  • Short, in-stock lead times on custom hardware.
  • The ability to mix and match finishes or styles at no additional upcharge.
  • Employment of hundreds of Los Angeles residents.
  • The ability to design your personalized door hardware so it fits your space perfectly.

Benefit of Emtek's Custom Assembly Model: With Emtek's custom assembly model, you gain the advantage of having personalized door hardware designed to fit your space perfectly, ensuring a seamless integration with your home's aesthetic and functional needs.

About EMTEK:

EMTEK: Redefining Personalization in Hardware Design.

Welcome to EMTEK, where innovation meets customization to transform your home into a reflection of your unique style and personality. At EMTEK, it's believed that hardware should serve a functional purpose and complement and enhance your space's design. The commitment to design leadership, premium quality, and an unparalleled customer experience sets EMTEK apart in the cabinet and door hardware world.

Design Leadership: A Legacy of Innovation At the heart of EMTEK is an unwavering dedication to design leadership. Inspired by the world around them—from art and architecture to the natural beauty of daily commutes—the products are a testament to the creative vision. The EMTEK SELECT Program epitomizes this commitment, offering an unmatched level of personalization. Styles, finishes, knobs, stems, and rosettes can be mixed and matched to create hardware that is uniquely yours. The flagship piece, the Spoke Knob, and the groundbreaking 3D printed metals from The Galapagos Project, showcase the ability to blend boutique design with innovative technology, ensuring that no two pieces are identical.

Premium Quality: Craftsmanship You Can Feel Quality is not just a buzzword at EMTEK; it is a promise. Each product offered is a blend of form and function, meticulously crafted to not only look beautiful but also perform flawlessly. The commitment to using quality materials means that when you touch an EMTEK product, you feel safe, confident, and impressed. From the Los Angeles-based warehouse, products are designed, assembled, and distributed, ensuring that every piece meets high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Customer Experience: Simplified, Seamless, Intuitive Understanding and anticipating the needs of customers is at the core of everything done at EMTEK. The goal is to make every interaction with EMTEK simple, seamless, and intuitive. From the moment the brand is discovered to the installation of products in the home, EMTEK strives to make doing business easy. The customer-first mindset guides every decision made, ensuring that the best experience is delivered, every single time.

Design Process: Personalization at Its Core Personalization is not just an option at EMTEK; it is the foundation of the design process. The Los Angeles-based team, led by Director of Design and New Product Innovation, Will Zhang, is constantly exploring new ways to use the fundamental mechanics of hardware in innovative ways. This commitment to customization has led to the creation of collections like the Spoke Knob and the Select Collection, allowing for unprecedented levels of personalization. By engaging with the customer base and end users, product categories are continuously expanded to meet and exceed expectations.

Join the Creative Journey: You are invited to explore the world of possibilities that EMTEK offers. Whether looking to make a bold statement with the Studio Brass line or seeking the subtle elegance of custom-made products, EMTEK has something for everyone. The wide range of categories, styles, and finish options ensures that hardware can be created that is not just a part of the home but a reflection of personal style. Discover EMTEK today and see how it can help transform your space with hardware that is designed by you, for you.

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