DoorJak - Door Installation Cart, Heavy Duty Door, Door Transport

Installing a door, especially a heavy-duty one, can be a daunting task.  The constant carrying, adjusting, and measuring could put a real strain on your body or even lead to serious injuries.  Fortunately, DoorJak is here to take the brunt of heavy-lifting off your shoulders. 

The DoorJak is a cart that enables one worker to transport and rehang a heavy, oversized door safely, effortlessly, and properly. Whether you want to remove and fix a door or install one in every door jam in the building, the DoorJak allows you to get the job done fast in three simple steps:

Tilt - Begin by adjusting the DoorJak to properly support the door's weight. Once the DoorJak is correctly tilted in position, securely attach the door to it using the included strap.

Install - Once the door is secured, push it up parallel to the hinges that connect the door to its frame. Install the hinges without having to worry about holding the door in place!

Slide - Following the installation of the hinges, slide the DoorJak away from the jamb, and you're all set to move on!

We offer two DoorJak models: the DoorJak 50 and the DoorJak 100. The DoorJak 50 is used for lighter loads. It can hold up to 250 lbs. and is smaller and more portable at 66 lbs. The DoorJak 100 can hold up to 750 lbs. and is ideal for the transportation and installation of heavy oversized commercial grade doors.  Both models feature controls that allow the cart to lift doors vertically, side to side, and in and out of true plumb. Plus, urethane wheels that will not mark floors and two rear casters that lock.  Both models fold for convenient storage.

The DoorJak is ideal for general contractors that install commercial doors, healthcare facilities, and building maintenance crews for government facilities, schools, and office buildings.  Its conveniently efficient design helps lower the risk of worker injury and company liability.

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