ASSA - High Security Key Systems

Since ASSA and Abloy came together in 1994, more than 300 companies have joined the ASSA ABLOY family – which makes us 52,000 colleagues, working towards our shared goals. They believe that people can achieve extraordinary things – and that business success depends on creating a strong shared culture where they can thrive. They built that culture on three core values: empowerment, innovation, and integrity. These values guide our beliefs and behaviors, and unite diverse teams across regions, business units and brands. From reliable home security to cutting-edge biometric technology for businesses, governments, airports, hospitals, schools and more, we touch every part of every day.

Operations in over 70 countries and people that know local standards inside-out. They’re specialists in access essentials: like mechanical and digital locks, cylinders, keys, tags, security doors and automated entrances. At the same time, creating and embracing new technology – like biometrics, mobile security, and trusted identities. ASSA stays at the forefront, so whatever you need, you’re in safe hands.

ASSA exists to help people feel safe, secure, and experience a more open world. They develop an in-depth understanding of our customers and the people who ultimately use our products and services. That guides them to create the solutions they really need, and want products and services that are safe, secure, easy to use and sustainable.

The operational excellence structure keeps them at the top of their game when it comes to cost efficiency and setting the right priorities. It sets out an action plan which includes value analysis/value engineering and focusing on our top suppliers to make sure we’re always efficient, competitive, and innovative. We are also reducing the number of factories, offices and warehouses we have, to streamline our manufacturing footprint.

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