3-D Lockdown Supply - Remsafe Window Locks

The 3-D Lockdown Supply Remsafe Window Locks not only give you security, safety and compliance, but also provide the freedom to open windows (partly or fully) with ease or if needed for egress.

Remsafe Window Locks offer a range of high quality window safety restrictions (WOCD's) that allow ventilation and improve safety around open windows. Whether you are looking to add inventory for additional security products for existing windows, are looking for a safety product option to keep children and pets safely inside, or are in need of a large quantity for building code compliance, we have what you need.

The VLK1-K1-100 Remsafe Venlock Sliding Restrictor is the original sliding aluminum window restrictor, the Remsafe Venlock is easier and quicker to install than any other window restrictor available. Once installed, the Remsafe Venlock window restrictor enables a window to be opened and clsoed to the restricted distance without the use of a key each and every time. Unlike conventional window locks, this unique design feature improves window safety by eliminating the risk of a window being inadvertently unlocked and unrestricted.

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