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BEST Standard Uncombinated IC Cores

SKU# 2192

Best 1C Standard Uncombinated Interchangeable Cores (IC Cores)

- Select Keyway: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, Q, TB.
- Select Core Size: 6-Pin or 7-Pin.
- Keying: All Uncombinated Cores come 0-Bitted (no pins or keys), see "Keying Options" below.
- Finish: Satin Chrome (626).
- Delivery: Best Standard Uncombinated Cores are In Stock and Available to ship.


Total Price: $25.38
Availability: Orders Accepted

1C - Standard Uncombinated Cores by Best Lock

At the foundation of every BEST high-quality key system is the core - one that is durable, flexible and easy to maintain. We invented the small format interchangeable core (SFIC) in 1921. Over time, our SFIC has only become more responsive to facilities and door openings as we've perfected it for smoother operation, more predictable performance and guaranteed longevity.

Features and Benefits:

- Tight tolerances to provide the highest level of mechanical security and enhance the integrity of the lock.
- 6- and 7-pin options to allow for a hybrid solution and ensure greatest number of key combinations.
- Masterkeyed shear lines allow you to build multi-level access.
- Brass alloy construction that is tough, strong and corrosion-resistant.
- Individually capped chambers for easier maintenance and service.
- BEST-constructed pin segments that help control tolerance and quality.
- Stringent quality control that ensures every part of the core and lock meet our industry-high standards.

Keying: Uncombinated (1C) cylinder comes 0-Bitted (uncut) with no keys or pins.
Finish: The Best Lock Standard Uncombinated Core comes in Satin Chrome (626) finish.

 * All Best Keyed Different (KD) & Keyed Alike (KA) Cores include 1 Cut Key, 1 Control Key per Core

 * All Master Keyed (MK) Cores include 1 Cut Keys, 1 Control Key, 1 Master Key per Core

* There is one-time $10.00 Surcharge to create and maintain all new Master Key (MK) systems, which must obtained after checkout.

* All Best Keywork requires 3-5 working days' lead time.

Note: All Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA), and Master Keyed (MK) cores include 1 Cut Key and One Control Key per Core. All Master keyed (MK) Cores include One Master Key per Core. New Master Keyed (MK) systems require a $10.00 One Time Surchange to create and maintain the system obtained after checkout. All Best Keywork requires 3-5 working days' lead time.

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