Best lock 1-5/8 Padlock, 2 Shackle, Key Ret'g, Less core

SKU # BE/11B772T

Product Features:

  • High security. All B Series padlocks meets or exceed ASTM F883 standards. Options such as cut-resistant shackles and car seals offer additional layers of security.
  • Durable construction. Manufactured with a solid brass body and stainless steel shackles, B Series padlocks offer greater strength and durability.
  • Longer product life. We construct B Series padlocks from the highest quality materials to make them corrosion resistant for the longest product life. Additional options such as weather covers offer additional protection to extend the life of the lock.
  • Ongoing flexibility. BEST's interchangeable SFIC standard allows each B Series padlock to be keyed into an existing masterkey system, rekeyed with minimal cost, and scaled to accommodate future needs.
  • Easy to use and track. B Series shackles are simple to change thanks to our removable cores. OSHA padlock tags and double lock out options make lock-out-tag-out and safety tracking easy.



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