Schlage A170 LEV-626 LEVER A-Series Single Dummy Levers

SKU # SC/A170-LEV-626

Medium Traffic Commercial and Heavy Duty Residential Locks

 Passage, Privacy, or Single Dummy.
 Brass (605), Oil Rubbed Bronze (613), or Satin Chrome (626).
- Lever Option: Levon (LEV).

- Delivery: The Schlage Commercial A-Series Levon Levers are factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.




Schlage Commercial A10S-LEV-A10S LEV-A10SLEV-A40S-LEV-A40S LEV-A40SLEV-A170-LEV-A170 LEV-A170LEV Levon A-Series Levers

Schlage Commercial A10S-LEV-A10S LEV-A10SLEV-A40S-LEV-A40S LEV-A40SLEV-A170-LEV-A170 LEV-A170LEV Levon A-Series Levers

Levon Lever Trim - A-Series Levers by Schlage Commercial

Medium traffic commercial and heavy duty residential locks.
From military barracks and offices, to fine residential homes, Schlage A-Series knobs easily stand up to constant use and abuse, while keeping people and property safe. Our A-Series locks have an ANSI Grade 2 rating and come in a choice of styles and finishes that fit your building's design.

We don't compromise on security.
The safety and security of your buildings is something we take very seriously. That's why every Schlage lock and deadbolt undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level:
- Cycle tests            - Warped door tests
- Resistance tests    - Bolt strength tests
- Door impact tests

Features and Benefits
- Cold rolled steel, and machined and threaded hubs prevent loosening of the lockset by bolting the chassis to the door.
- Heavy-duty cast mounting plate with specially tapped holes keeps lockset tight on the door.
- Patented door range adjuster allows quick and easy adjustment for doors ranging from 1-3/8 to 1-7/8 (35mm to 48mm) thick.

Door Handing
The Schlage Commercial A-Series Levon Levers are reversible.

ADA-Compliant Products
In compliance with the American National Standard Institute (ANSI A117.1) and the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA), Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed for the needs of the physically challenged. This act is designed to provide protection for people with disabilites.

The intent of ADA is that owners of certain types of buildings must remove barriers and provide people with disabilities with access equal to, or similar to, that available to the general public.

Function: The Schlage A-Series Levers are available in Passage (A10S), Privacy (A40S), and Single Dummy (A170) function.
Finish: The Schlage A-Series Levers come in Brass (605), Oil Rubbed Bronze (613), and Satin Chrome (626) finish.
Lever Design: The Schlage A-Series Levers come in Levon (LEV) design.

All Schlage A-Series Locks come standard with Square Corner 2-3/8 Backset Latch (Spring Latch 11-068; Deadlatch 11-085) and Square Corner Strike (10-001).
If you require 2-3/4 Backset (Spring Latch 11-111; Deadlatch 11-091) please order from our Latches Section.
If you require Round Corner Strikes (10-004) please order from our Door Strikes Section.

Door Range: 1-3/8 - 1-7/8 (35mm - 48mm).
Latch: 1 x 2-1/4, Square Corner Faceplate, 7/8 housing diameter, 1/2 throw.
Strike: 1-1/8 x 2-3/4, Square Corner, T-Strike, Box (10-001).

Backset: Standard 2-3/8 Backset (Spring Latch 11-068; Deadlatch 11-085).
Certification: ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2011, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door.

Special Order Information: For pricing on any function or finish of the Schlage Commerical A-Series Levers not found on this page please contact Taylor Security direct via e-mail ( or call us toll-free at 1-800-676-7670.



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