Sargent 28-7U65-LP-26D Privacy, Cylindrical Lever Lock

SKU # SA/28-7U65-LP-26D

The Sargent 28-7U65-LP-26D Privacy, Cylindrical Lever Lock a Privacy Cylindrical Lever Lock.  The SARGENT 7 Line is the best overall lock in the Grade 2 class.
A key-in-lever lock designed for standard duty commercial interior and exterior applications in public buildings, medical offices, hotels/motels and government facilities. Exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.2 standards for cycling and durability.

Features include:
  • Cylindrical Lever Lock for the 7 Line
  • 28 - Curved Lip Strike (#808)
  • Privacy/Bathroom Function
  • Latch by either lever unless outside lever is locked by push button in inside lever
  • Turning inside lever or closing door releases button
  • Emergency button in outside lever unlocks, with use of a blade screwdriver in outside lever and releases inside button
  • Rose Design L
  • Lever Design P
  • Satin Chrome



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