Emtek Brass Crystal Series Grade 2 Handleset

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The Emtek Brass Crystal Series Grade 2 Knobset
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Emtek Brass Crystal Series Grade 2 Knobset

The Emtek Windsor Crystal is a rugged and beautifully crafted knobset using traditional American latches complete with a variety of trim styles, handcrafted from authentic materials. The knobset is operated by a knob from both the interior and exterior.

The Crystal Collection's knob / lever handles are supported by springs mounted behind the rosettes and sideplates, which return the handles back to the rest position and prevent lever sag. The latches are heavy-duty die case construction, with strong internal springs, solid brass nose bolts, and sintered metal cams. A plastic bushing located in the joint between the handle and the rosette ensures a friction-free wear surface, preventing metal from bearing on metal and providing smooth, long-lasting operation. Handles are positvely connected to rosettes with a permanent clip. Each has a set screw which eliminates "handle wobble" when tightened. Emtek's threaded tubes are machined brass to ensure good threads and prevent corrosion.

Function: The Emtek Windsor Crystal Knob is available in Passage (810WS), Privacy (820WS), and Dummy Pair (805WS) function.
Finish: The Emtek Windsor Crystal Knob comes in Polished Brass-Lifetime (US3), Satin Brass (US4), French Antique (US7), Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B), Polished Nickel (US14), Satin Nickel (US15), Pewter (US15A), Flat Black (US19), and Polished Chrome (US26) finish.
Rosette: Choose from one of the following Brass Rosette Designs: Regular, Rope, Lancaster, Ribbon & Reed, #8, Oval, Rectangular, Quincy, and Wilshire or choose from one of the following Modern Rosette Designs: Modern, Disk, Square, Neos, Modern Rectangular, and Urban Modern. Click Here to View Brass Rosette Styles & Click Here to View Modern Rosette Styles.

Backset: All Emtek locksets come standard with 2-3/8" backset and Square Corner Latch (Face: 2-1/4" x 1"). If you need 2-3/4" backset or Round Corner Latches please specify in the Comments Box upon checkout.
Strike: All Emtek locksets come standard with Square Corner Strikes (2-1/4" x 1-1/2"). If you need Round Corner Strikes please specify in the Comments Box upon checkout.

CF Mechanism: Emtek's Concealed Fastener Mechanism (CF Mechanism) is an optional upgrade to your order and consists of concealed screws (no exposed screws). The chassis design of the CF Mechanism is spring-loaded on both sides and comes standard with the 28° Latch. The CF Mechanism is available for all Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Crystal interior passage, privacy & dummy locksets.

28° Latch: The 28° Latch is available as an optional upgrade without the CF Mechanism. These latches are available for all our current brass, bronze, and wrought steel privacy, passage, and platesets. The 28° latches are an ergonomic alternative to standard latches, shortening the rotation required to turn the knob or lever. Please see "Related Items" above.

Unlacquered Brass (US3NL): Unlacquered Brass Finish is available as an optional upgrade for an additional $30.00 per knobset. If you need Unlacquered Brass please specify in the Comments Box upon checkout.

Expedited Delivery: Emtek will expedite orders that are shipped UPS-Blue (2-Day) or UPS-Red (Overnight). Expedited orders are moved to the front of the factory's processing line and ship direct with 1-or 2-day delivery. Please allow 1-2 days processing time on all expedited orders depending on current factory workload.



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