Securitron AKG: Adhesive Kit GDB / AKG


The Securitron AKG Adhesive Kit For Glass Door Bracket is an Adhesive Kit for Glass Door Brackets. To securely mount Magnalocks to 100% glass doors, Securitron offers its Model GDB Glass Door Bracket and AKG Adhesive Kit for Glass. The bracket is affixed directly to the glass via a specially engineered adhesive and the strike plate is then affixed to the bracket conventionally. The adhesive is a Locktite anerobic designed specifically for this application. If the adhesive is properly used, it will provide a permanent bond stronger than the glass itself. To achieve this result the following instructions on use of the adhesive should be strictly followed. 

Features include:

  • Glass Door Adhesive Kit
  • For Glass Door Hardware
  • AKG permanently bonds to the glass using a special industrial adhesive 
  • AKG permits strike plate installation on a solid glass door
  • Adhesive Kit has up to ten applications



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