Securitron M32FD Model 32 Minimag, 600Lb Holding Force


The Securitron M32FD Model 32 Minimag, 600Lb Holding Force is a Securitron® M32 Magnalock® with 600 lbs holding force with direct mounted Magnalock. The ultimate in Magnalock reliability for indoor/outdoor traffic control. The Securitron M32 electromagnetic lock is ideal for traffic control in high-use areas within secured or monitored perimeters. With unsurpassed durability, the Securitron M32 will last long after most buildings wear out. Applications include storage areas, rooms, and hallways where reliability, high durability and low-maintenance are required.

Features include:

  • Face drilled  
  • Integrated Door Position Switch (DPS)
  • PoE friendly 
  • Sustainability documentation  
  • Efficient, low power usage 
  • Automatic dual-voltage— no field adjustment required 
  • Fully sealed for weatherproof operations 
  • Size optimized for use with door closers 
  • Rust resistant—all ferrous metal surfaces plated for durability  
  • Instant release circuit— no residual magnetism  
  • Noise suppression with built-in MOV   
  • 10 ft [3.05m] of jacketed, stranded conductor cable  
  • Ultra-secure collapsing blind nuts mount to door frame for strength and reliability



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