HES 7000C-630 Electric Strike

SKU # HE/7000C-630

The HES 7000C-630 Electric Strike is an Electric Strike Complete Pac.  The 7000C is specially designed to address pre-loaded doors, and with in-frame horizontal adjustability it works with cylindrical latchbolts up to 5/8" throw and rim exit devices up to a 3/4" throw. Each Complete Pac conveniently pairs the reliability of an HES electric strike with the flexibility of multiple faceplates in a single simple package.

Features include:

  • Complete One Box Solution
  • 7000 Series
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Satin Stainless Steel Finish
  • 7000 strike body
  • 791 faceplate 
  • ANSI 4-7/8" strike plate 
  • 792 faceplate for a 7-5/16" strike plate



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