Alarm Lock ETDLS1G-26DV99 Pushbutton Exit Trim


Alarm Lock's ETDlS1G-26DC50 Pushbutton Exit Trim is a straight lever exit trim with a generic rim cylinder (Schlage C Keyway) and adapter kit that works with most major manufacturer brands of standard RIM and IC RIM cylinders. The device is nonhanded and fully field reversible. To operate, a clutch mechanism permits the turning lever without retracting the latch. This reduces stress on the spindle. The access code entry allows the lever to retract the latch, and an inside panic bar provides instant egress.


It allows for 2,000 user codes on different levels of clearance, including master, manager, supervisor, and basic user. It also accommodates up to 500 scheduled lockdown/unlocked events with time zone support as well. All of this is fully programmable with fingertip at the site, or with Windows PC support.


The exit trim also features an extensive 40,000 event audit trail that logs time, date, and user stamp for each activity. This information can be polled with a separate device and sent to any PC using Windows software.


  • Satin chrome finish

  • 12-Button metal keypad (weather-resistant)

  • Fits 1 3/4" standard door thickness

  • Battery powered (5 AA batteries) with audible low battery alert

  • Visual and audible entry indicators




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