Trimco 1001-1 Healthy Push Plate 3"x12"

SKU # TM/1001-1710CU

1001-1-710CU - 3" x 12" Heavy Duty Push Plate by Trimco Hardware

Trimco's 1001 Series Push Plates are manufactured in the United States from .050" thick stainless steel, brass, bronze or aluminum. All push plates are pencil beveled on all four edges and are supplied with oval head screws standard. Custom sizes and plastic push plates are also available.

Ideal Applications For: Schools, Commercial & Industrial Buildings, Multi-family & Mixed-Use, Governmetn & Military Facilities, Public Buildings & Facilities.

Finish: The Trimco 1001-1 Push Plate comes in Healthy Hardware Satin (710) finish.

Dimensions: 3" x 12".

Non-Standard Options: If you require any non-standard option please leave a note in the Comments Box upon checkout (you can also immediately reply to the Confirmation E-mail with special order instructions).




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