Kingsway KG183 Large Rubber Wall Mounted door stop

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The KG183 Large Rubber Wall Mounted Door Stop is part of the Kingsway Group Hardware

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Solid high pressure domed rubber door for ultimate durability for use on walls and doors. Can be mounted to the door to provide a maximum clearance where large hardware of ironmongery are used.

Installation Description

  • Mark out the location on the wall.
  • Drill holes for screws provided, allowing for anchors to suit wall construction type.
  • Mount unit securely to the wall, tamper proof caulking can be applied if necessary.

Operation and Maintenance


Designed to stop door handles and other door hardware from comign into contact with wall surfaces.


Periodic checks should be made to ensure the screws remain tight and that the rubber has not been damaged.


Should be cleaned as part of regular schedule using standard detergents or disinfectants, avoid acidic cleaners.






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