Keedex K-12S-L Large Protect-A-Lok 32D Stainless Steel


The Keedex K-12S-L Large Protect-A-Lok 32D Stainless Steel is a Large Protect-A-Lok with a Stainless Steel finish. A product designed to protect locks and other hardware from impact damage. The Keedex K-12  is designed for use in areas where locks may have a chance of getting hit by carts, forklifts or vehicles. Can be used with levers, knobs, panic hardware and more. Installs in minutes.

Features include:

  • Made from 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Use for Protecting: Locks, Levers, Panic Hardware, Safe Dials and Handles, Fire Alarm Equipment, Access Control Equipment
  • Used in: Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Super Markets, Warehouses, and More
  • Width at wall: 10", Height at wall: 3.5", Protrusion: 4.25", Width at protrusion end: 5.5", Height at protrusion: 2". 



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