Alarm Lock PG21MB Narrow Stile Door Alarm, Dark Bronze


The Alarm Lock PG21MB Narrow Stile Door Alarm in Dark Bronze is an entirely programmable alarm that has various customizable programs. It can be in "Always Armed Mode," which means that when the key is turned counter clockwise to disarm, the key cannot be removed. The alarm has to be turned back into armed mode by turning the key clockwise, meaning the unit is always armed. "Standard Arming Mode" is another option, where the key can disarm the system and be removed if turned counter clockwise. An LED indicator on the unit will show the status of the alarm, showing a red color when armed. Unauthorized use of door triggers alarm to sound and activates a highly visible amber strobe light flash. It is designed for use on standard size and narrow stile doors.


  • Multiple door monitoring permitted with built-in external reed switches
  • Entry delay options include 15 seconds, 1 minute and 15 seconds, or 3 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Uses standard mortise cylinder
  • Tamper switch supervised



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