Alarm Lock DL2775IC-S-US26D Cylindrical Door Lock

SKU # AA/DL2775IC-S-26D

The Alarm Lock DL2775IC-S-US26D Cylindrical Door Lock is a non-handed lever lock that is easily installed and has a lot of versatility. It is battery operated with AA batteries, which allows it to operate independently, but it can also work with a group or total milti-level user lockout codes. It accommodates up to 100 different user codes of 3 to 5 digits each, and the keypad is fully programmable itself. It is all metal with 12 buttons total. This cylindrical door lock also features an audiovisual entry indicator on the front.


  • Satin Chrome Finish

  • Regal trim lever (curved)

  • Can be used with Schlage style removable core (large)

  • Programmable entry time from 5 to 20 seconds

  • 4 programmable keypad tones (may also be silenced)

  • Suitable in outdoor or indoor conditions

  • Standard with 2-3/4" backset

  • UL listed hardware

  • Fits into doors with 1-5/8" to 1-7/8" width dimensions

  • Grade 1 durability

  • Remote override or key bypass capabilities




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