Alarm Lock 710X28 Sirenlock Panic Exit Alarm

SKU # AA/710-28

The Alarm Lock 710X28 Sirenlock Panic Exit Alarm is a veratile solution to any building's exit door security. The Alarm Lock Sirenlock models are UL listed deadbolt operated panic alarm that secures exit doors from unauthorized use by sounding an alarm and locking in emergency situations. On this model, you can choose from either a 2 minute alarm or a constant alarm setting. It also has a changeable 2 minute automatic or manual reset option, and is also available in 33" or 48" versions. There's also an audible low battery warning to let you know when the battery needs to be changed. 

  • Non-handed installations on single or double doors
  • Loud 95 decible dual toned siren
  • 9V battery powered
  • Meets UL, CFM, ADA, and NYC housing requirements





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