Alarm Lock


Alarm Lock, a lead division of the Napco Security Technologies, manufactures its access and egress products in New York and the Caribbean. They are tested at both these state-of-the-art faciltiies to ensure the compromise-free quality, integrity and reliability.
Alarm Lock Systems is a leader in access and egress solutions for education, healthcare, multi-use commercial, retail, transportation & industry. Field-proven standalone Trilogy® electronic keyless access locks, provide access control with PIN-code or built-in HID® Prox, Multi-technology or swipe reader for ID badges. Wireless Trilogy Networx™ access locks, are easily networked using Gateways and Expanders, eliminating door-to-door operations and featuring global lockdown or unlock in seconds, activated from any lock or the computer network's server. New ArchiTech™ Networx Series take it a step farther with hundreds of customizable trims, finishes, and readers for the ideal architecturally-elegant access solution. Both lines feature keyfob and remote button support, & new iLock® App mobile solution; plus free Windows-based or enterprise software options; and models for every application & budget.
Each NAPCO Security Technologies product is precision-manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications. Undertakign compliance with rigorous ISO9002, comprehensive product testing and quality assurance programs include a rigorous multi-stage sequence: From computerized GenRad in-circuit testing, to proprietary custom "pretest", which checks for 100% correct PCB operations, followed by "full-functional test" of the assembled product, and lastly, "burn-in", wherein product is torture-tested under load, in simulated extreme conditions.
Alarm Lock
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