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X-09 Parts

Kaba Mas

The X-09 Parts are part of Kaba Mas

"Parts for the X-09 Electro-Mechanical Lock"

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Total Price: $2.63 - $1,026.50
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X-09 Parts by Kaba Mas

504054 - Instruction Pack (Change Key, Mounting Template Installation Book/Quick Reference Guide, Operation Booklet).

507081 - X-09 LCD Assembly.

107061 - X-09 Change Key.

504063 - X-09 Lock Mounting Kit (Saw handle, blade hex key, tube cutt off gage, Tube deburr stone, vise clamp, hug location gage, 3 sets of various screws, cover lock pin, zebra cable retainer, connector, lubricant).

504067 - X-09 Hub Assembly.

504068 - X-09 Dial.

504069 - X-09 Spindle Assembly (1/2").

9810004 - X-09 Lubricant.

504074 - X-09 Drive Cam Assembly (Spindle screw, drive cam).

104017 - X-09 Tube Kit.

501226 - X-09 Lock Case Assembly (Flush bolt, lock case assembly, motor gear assembly, motor fence, screw, cam asm, rack spl., slide retainer, bolt detent spring, bolt detent ball, torsion spring, 4 screw kits, tube retainer, gear gard bracket).

501227 - X-09 Back Cover Assembly.

507101 - X-09 Motor Kit *replaces 507083* (Motor gear/motor fence/screw).

504075 - X-09 Dial Ring Assembly *no LCD* (Tube retainer, 1 screw pkgs. tube retainer, dial ring).

507085 - X-09 Dial Ring Cover Assembly (Dial ring cover asm, generatore clutch, 4 screw sets, gear plate asm, gear drive, gear, comb).

505064 - X-09 Extended Bolt.

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