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Von Duprin QEL-33A-EO Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device (Exit Only)

Von Duprin

- Function:
      - QEL-33A-EO (Exit Only - No Trim).

Select Finish: Sprayed Aluminum (SP28), Sprayed Dark Bronze (SP313), or Satin Chrome (26D).
- Select Device Length: 36" (3 Feet) or 48" (4 Feet).

- Optional Exit Trim: Sold Less Trim. For matching Exit Trim see "Companion Items" below.
- Delivery: The Von Duprin QEL-33A-EO Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device is factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

- Special Orders: For pricing on any Von Duprin 33A Series Exit Devices not on this page please contact Taylor via e-mail (sales@taylorsecurity.com) or call 1-800-676-7670.

Total Price: $2,057.22 - $2,346.04
Availability: Orders Accepted

QEL-33A-EO (Exit Only) - Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device by Von Duprin

Quiet electric latch retraction (QEL) provides electronic control of an exit device for environments where limited operational noise is desired. The QEL option is Von Duprin's solution of choice for hospitals, libraries, museums and theaters where ambient noise can be disruptive. Exit only, no outside operation. Trim sold separately.

These devices always provide mechanical egress. The electrified latch retraction can also be activated by an access system or building automation system to unlatch the exit device momentarily. Often the QEL is used with a credential reader and access control system to unlock the door momentarily for authorized users.

The QEL can also be configured to electronically retract the latch for an extended period of time to allow free entry. This is a convenient alternative to mechanical dogging.

The Von Duprin 33A & 35A Rim exit device for all types of single and double doors with mullion, UL listed for panic exit hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 - 2001 Grade 1. The 35A has a smooth mechanism case and the 33A has a grooved case. The rim device is non-handed except when the S5 (signal switch) option is used.

33A/35A fits door stiles as narrow as 1-3/4" (44mm). Newly designed device has a one piece center case cover.

Features and Benefits:

- Narrow stile device.
- Exit Only function - Trim not included.
- Fits door stiles as narrow as 1-3/4".
- For doors 1-3/4" thick standard.
- Strike - 1439 - dull black finish.
- Device Functions - Ship ready for all functions; EO, DT, NL, NL-OP, L, T.
- Dogging Feature - Hex key dogging standard on non fire-rated devices.
- Available in Sprayed Aluminum (SP28), Sprayed Dark Bronze (SP313) & Satin Chrome (26D) finish.

Specification Data:

- Device lengths - 3' - 2' 4" to 3' Door Size: 4' - 3' 1" to 4' Door Size.
- UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware.
- Devices are ANSI A156.3 - 2001 Grade 1.
- Device centerline from finished floor -- 39-13/16".
- Finished floor 39-11/16".
- Mechanism case dimensions 2-1/4" x 2-1/4".
- Center case dimensions - 8-3/16" x 2-13/32" x 1-9/16".
- Projection pushbar neutral - 3-13/16".
- Pushbar depressed - 3-1/16".

Quiet Latch Retraction:

- QEL option available on all 98/99, 94/95 and 33A/35A series exit devices.
- Energy efficient motorized latch retraction utilizes standard 2 amp power supply, enabling longer wire runs from power source.
- Quiet operation in both mechanical and electronic states.
- Modular design allows for a simplified installation.
- On-board installation and troubleshooting diagnostics built into device.
- Auto adjust latch retraction - automatically adjusts latch throw and pull.
- Pushbar is pulled in electronically for quiter operation when dogged.
- Vandal resistant - detects and responds to events of attack and tampering.

Exit Trim Option:

386DT (Dummy Trim): Pull when dogged.
386NL (Night Latch Trim): Key retracts latchbolt. Rim cylinder not included.
388NL (Night Latch Trim): Key retracts latchbolt. Optional pull required. Rim cylinder not included.
360L (Entrance Lever Trim): Key locks & unlocks lever. 1-1/4" Mortise cylinder not included.

** All Von Duprin Exit Device Trims are sold Less Cylinder. For matching cylinders see "Companion Items" above.**

Special Order Information: For pricing on any finish or non-standard option of the Von Duprin 33A Series Exit Devices not found on this page please contact Taylor Security direct via e-mail (sales@taylorsecurity.com) or call us toll-free at 1-800-676-7670.

Instructions & Templates

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