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Speed Key Machine from Kaba Ilco

The Speed Key Machine is part of Kaba Ilco

"Dual Lever, Manual Duplicator"

- Delivery: The Kaba Ilco Speed Key Machine is factory-ordered, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time.

* For legal purposes, Taylor Security & Lock will require a Current Business License to be submitted to sales@taylorsecurity.com with your sales order number before we are permitted to ship lock picking or key machine devices that are subject to fraud or criminal activity.

Total Price: $3,200.00

Speed Key Machine by Kaba Ilco

For operator controlled cutting of edge cut cylinder, automotive and cruciform keys; the Speed Duplicator is the perfect choice for either counter or mobile use. The dual lever design provides ultimate control of both the lateral movement and depth of cut on each pass over the keyblank.

Economical, accurate and easy to operate, the Speed features dual levers to provide the ultimate control of lateral movement and depth of cuts. Additional features include a tracer point with micrometer dial regulation adjustments, HSS Super Rapid Steel cutter and four-position vise jaws that clamp a variety of keys without special adapters.

Features and Benefits:

- Manually controlled depth of cut.
- Versatile four-position vise jaws securely clamp a wide variety of keys without the need for special adapters.
- Wide spacing between vise jaws acommodates longer blade keys and large bow (head) keys.
- Maximum length of cuts 1.65" (42mm).
- Vise jaw handles require only a slight locking pressure to provide a firm grip on keys.
- Ergonomically designed dual levers provide comfort and control.
- Movement by ball joint on rectified carriage for both lateral movement and depth of cut.
- Transparent safety cutter shield.
- Carriage design reduces accumulation of shavings and dust.
- Tracer point with micrometer dial regulation makes precise depth adjustments to the hundredth millimeter.
- Removable chip tray for easy clean up.
- High Speed Steel (HSS) Super Rapid Steel Cutter ensures smooth, clean cuts.
- Features a "Soft Touch" nylon key deburring brush.
- Equipped with a 120V-60Hz; 1/4 hp motor.
- Compatible with most inverters and generators that supply 500 watts (continuous) or higher output (120 Volt AC).
- Main power switch with separate motor start up switch for additional safety.
- Once opened, Key Machines are Not Returnable. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@taylorsecurity.com.

Specification Data:

Motor: Single phase and speed; 120V-60 Hz; 1/4 hp.
Cutter Speed: 720 rpm.
Vise Jaws: Four-position Rotating.
Cutter: HSS Super Rapid Steel D935282ZR.
Brush: Soft Touch Nylon D934958ZR.
Dimensions: 15.74" W x 18.11" D x 11.81" H (400mm x 460mm x 300mm).

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