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Securitron (MK) Mortise Keyswitch


"Turns Standard Mortise Cylinder into Full Featured Key Switch"

- Select Function: MK (Momentary), MK2 (DPDT Momentary), MKA (Alternate), MKA2 (DPDT Alternate), MKAN (Narrow, Alternate), MKAN2 (DPDT Alternate, Narrow), MKAPZ (Alternate, Double Gang, Audible), MKC (Mortise Cylinder KD), MKC-KA (Mortise Cylinder KA), MKN (Momentary, Narrow), MKN2 (DPDT Momentary, Narrow), MKPZ (Momentary, Double Gang, Audible), MKS (Momentary, Switch Only), MKS2 (DPDT Momentary, Switch Only), MKSA (Alternate, Switch Only), or MKSA2 (DPDT Alternate, Switch Only).
- Delivery: The Securitron MK & MKA2 are In Stock. Please allow 3-4 days' lead time on all other functions.

Total Price: $21.65 - $127.65
Availability: Orders Accepted

MK - Mortise Keyswitch by Securitron

The MK keyswitch supports electric lock control, alarm panel arming, reset and override when paired with any mortise cylinder 1-1/8" to 1-1/2".

Features and Benefits:

- Standard with momentary SPDT switch.
- 12 or 24VDC.
- Bi-color LED.
- Backing bracket permits integration with any 1-1/4" [32mm] or 1-1/8" [28mm] mortise cylinder (sold seperately).
- Support for 1-1/2" cylinder using spacer ring and backset.
- Additional switch position on backing bracket allows another switch to be activated by turning the key in the opposite direction.
- 5 Amp rated plunger switch.
- Includes anti-tamper screws.

Optional Features:

Momentary Switch: A momentary switch changes state during activation and reverts to its original state upon deactivation. A doorbell is a common example of a momentary switch. A timer can be used to extend the effect of the switch operation for a specific amount of time.

Alternate Switch (A): An Alternate Switch changes state upon activation and does not change back until reactivated. A light switch is a common example of an alternate switch. Alternate switches are also called maintained or latching switches.

Single Pole - Double Throw (SPDT): Switches with one input and two outputs. When the switch operation occurs, the connection shifts from output A to output B.

Double Pole - Double Throw (DPDT): Two SPDT switches that operate in tandem using one switch operation so that each connection shifts simultaneously from its primary output to its secondary output.

- Narrow Stile, Single-or Double-Gang.
- Local annunciation via Piezo sounder.
- Additional switch add on.
- 1-1/8" Key Cylinder, 26D finish, SC Keyway.

Delivery: The Securitron MK & MKA2 are in stock and available to ship. Please allow 3-4 business day lead time on other functions.

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