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SDC 621 1 Amp Power Supply

SKU# 80810

"Modular Access Control Power Supply"

- Select Function: 621B (1 Amp), 621P (1 Amp, Plug-in Transformer), or 621PJ (1 Amp, Plug-in Transformer, Enclosure).
- Delivery: The SDC 621 Series 1 Amp Power Supply is factory-ordered, please allow 2-3 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $101.27 - $164.07
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621 - 1 Amp Power Supply by SDC

Field Selectable 12VDC or 24VDC Output - Standard

The 621 Series access contorl power supplies are designed to support access controls and electric locking devices. Equipped with two power limited outputs, the modular design enables versatility for installations with or without battery back-up or fire command center interface for emergency lock release.

Features and Benefits:

- 12VDC or 24VDC field selectable output.
- 1 Amp maximum, filtered and regulated output.
         1 power limited switched output
         1 power limited auxiliary output
- Two control inputs
         1 trigger input, normally open (NO)
         1 supervised emergency release input
         (latching with reset or non-latching)
- When latching emergency release is selected and the switched output is deactivated by emergency release or power loss, power is restored by manual means only.
- Short circuit and thermal overload protection.
- Battery charger output.
- Automatically switched to battery back-up when AC fails.
- Board equipped with AC input, DC output, and battery status LED indicator.
- Enclosure equipped with AC input, DC output, and battery status LED indicator.


621B: Power supply module, 1 Amp 12/24VDC, Class 2
          Input requirements: 40VA @ 24VAC

621P: Power supply module, 1 Amp, 12/24VDC, Class 2
          with UL Listed plug-in transformer.

621PJ: Power supply module, 1 Amp, 12/24VDC, Class 2 with
           UL Listed plug-in transformer and small enclosure.

Specification Data:

621B Input: 40VA @ 24VAC
621P/621PJ Input: 115VAC 60Hz, 0.6 Amp
Output: Filtered and electronically regulated
            1 Amp @ 12/24VDC (field selectable)
Battery Charger: 150mA @ 12VDC
Power Supply Board: 4" W x 3" H x 1.625" D
                                (102mm x 76mm x 422mm)
Enclosure: 7.25" W x 8.375" W x 3.625" D
                 (184mm x 213mm x 92mm)

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