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SDC 295 Programmable Cabinet Lock

SKU# 8081022

"Battery Powered Keyless Cabinet Lock"

Delivery: The SDC 295 Programmable Cabinet Lock is factory-ordered, please allow 2-3 working days' lead time.

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295 - Programmable Cabinet Lock by SDC

The Security Door Controls 295 Battery Powered Keyless Cabinet Lock provides an easy, economical solution for security and keyless access control for a wide variety of cabinet doors, drawers, storage lockers and more. Quickly and easily add/delete up to 30 individual user PIN codes with programmable keypad. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the need for low voltage wiring is eliminated.

2 Programmable Application Modes

Multiple User Mode: Normally locked, up to 30 assigned user PIN codes. Authorized code entry releases lock for 1 to 9 seconds.

1-Time Use Mode: For temporary/rotating user applications. Normally unlocked, new user enters a code to lock. Re-enter same code to unlock and erase code. The next user repeats operation.

Applications: The SDC 295 battery powered keyless entry cabinet lock provides security and access control for indoor commercial and residential, metal and wood Cabinetry, Files, Desks, Lockers, Electrical Enclosures, Display Cases and Portable Carts. The SDC 295 is designed for new or retrofit Cam Lock compatible doors and drawers.

Features and Benefits:

- For new installations or retrofit of existing manual cam lock prep.
- Vertical or horizontal keypad mounting.
- Multiple locking cam positions, Left/Right, Bottom.
- Programmable Multiple User Mode or 1-Time Use Mode.
- 1 Master Code: Full programming and control capabilities.
- 1 Sub-Master: Limited programming for user codes, maintained unlock, unlock time only.
- 30 user, 4-6 digit PIN codes, must be same length as Master Code. Field optional user changeable PIN.
- Unlock time programmable from 1 to 9 sec. Factory default 3 sec.
- Red/Blue bi-color LED.
- Keypad tamper lockout: Inoperable for 10 seconds after 3 incorrect code enteries.
- 2 x AAA batteries (included), up to 15,000 operations.
- Concealed manual key cylinder (replaceable), 2 keys, battery failure override.
- Battery failure override, apply 9V battery to external contacts, enter master code.

Specification Data:

Supplied Locking Cams:        (A) 1-1/2" from spindle centerline
                                            (B) 1" from spindle centerline
Door Thickness:                   up to 3/4"
Cam Mounting:                     5/16" square spindle
Hole required for spindle:   11/16" diameter
Battery Powered:                 2x AAA Batteries
Dimensions:                          5.5" H x 1.4" W x 0.85" D - 1.25" D w/ Dial
                                            (40 x 35.5 x 21.5mm - 32mm w/ Dial)

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