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RCI 946 Square Stainless Steel Pushplate


"Ideal for a Broad Range of Door Automation Applications"

- Select Function: 946HP45-MO, 946HPS45-MO, 946H45-MO, 946P45-MO, 946P45BLU-MO, 946HP45BLU-MO, 946POD45-MO, 946P475-MO, 946HP475-MO, 946HP475BLU-MO, 946H475-MO, 946PTE475-MO, 946HP6-MO, 946H6-MO, or 946P6-MO.
- Delivery: The RCI (946) Square Stainless Steel Push Plates are factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $56.70 - $59.23
Availability: Orders Accepted

946 - Square Stainless Steel Pushplates by RCI

These popular stainless steel switches meet the highest construction and performance standards. Dependable, responsive and easy to install, these assisted door switches are ideal for a broad range of door automation applications.

Comes in the standard 4-3/4" (114.3mm) diameter as well as a handy 6" (152.4mm) diameter for high visibility and easy use.

The 4-1/2" square pushplate is the perfect solution for fast and easy installation. Screws on the front plate allow for quick removal while still remaining functional, aesthetically appealing and weather resistant.

Features and Benefits:

- Text and logo are baked onto the surface for maximum durability.
- Stainless Steel (scratch/scuff resistant).
- Tamper-Resistant.
- Ideal for Vandal-Prone Areas.
- Available in multiple styles to meet specifications and customer requests.

Features and Benefits (946-475 & 946-6):

- 946-475 model features a large 4-3/4" (120.65mm) square button.
- 946-6 model features large 6" (152.4mm) square button.
- Available in multiple styles to meet specifications and customer requests.
- Momentary action switch standard.
- Stainless steel faceplate.
- Tamper-Resistant.
- Perfect for any wall application.

Features and Benefits (946HP45):

- Screws are on the outside surface allowing easy removal or installation of pushplate.
- Perfect for wall applications because they are easy to see, but unobtrusive to the aesthetics of the building.
- Stainless steel faceplate.
- Tamper-Resistant.- An all-active plate activates with any "push" location.
- Weather boot between plate and back plate for all weather applications.
- Screws come in multiple sizes (#6) which fit both single and double gang mounting boxes.

Momentary Switch (MO): A momentary switch changes state during activation and reverts to its original state upon deactivation. A doorbell is a common example of a momentary switch. A timer can be used to extend the effect of the switch operation for a specific amount of time.

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