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RCI 433 MHz Transmitters & Receivers


"Universally Compatible with all Automatic Door "Remote" Applications"

- Select Function: 9DRCR433VB (Receiver), 9DRCR433EHT (Receiver, Extended Hold Time), 9RCT4331 (One Button Transmitter), 9RCT4332 (Two Button Transmitter), 9RCT4333 (Three Button Transmitter), 9RCT4334 (Four Button Transmitter), 9RCT4333V1 (3V With Switch Leads), or 9RCT4339V1 (9V With Switch Leads).
- Delivery: The RCI 433 MHz Transmitters & Receivers are factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $38.98 - $50.12
Availability: Orders Accepted

433 MHz Transmitters & Receivers by RCI

RCI's 9RCR433 Receiver and 9RCT433 Transmitters are universally compatible with all automatic door "remote" applications.

Features and Benefits:

- Operates with a unique rolling code each time the switch is activated.
- Multiple applications (i.e. Vestibule) with Delay or No Delay programming.
- 100 transmitters can be programmed into a single receiver.
- Removal of a single transmitter code.
- Up to 4 separate wireless Receivers can be activated by a single Transmitter (i.e. 4-Button).
- Red LED indicator on Transmitter confirms transmission and battery life.
- 3-Volt or 9-Volt Battery Power.
- Ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors.
- Secure signal.
- Multiple receivers can be programmed differently, allowing for sequencing in multiple applications.
- No Delay will active immediately upon receiving the transmitter signal.
- Delay will activate at the end of their predetermined time delay set by the potentiometer.
- Multiple receivers allow for the uninterrupted pace or hands free operations through a pair of doors upon initial activation.

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