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RCI 10 Series Power Supply Options

SKU# 75712

The 10 Series Power Supply Options are part of RCI

- Select Function: PDM-4, PDM-8, PDM-8S, PDD-FT-1.5, PDD-FT-3, 24-12CONV, BB12-4, BB12-7, BB24-4, BB24-7, or 9310RB.
- Delivery: The RCI 10 Series Power Supply Options are factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $19.74 - $93.66
Availability: Orders Accepted

10 Series Power Supply Options by RCI

The PDM-4 and PDM-8 boards distribute a DC source into 4 or 8 outputs. The PDM-8S board distributes up to three (3) DC sources into 8 outputs. The output voltage and total current available is determined by the input supply. When installed into a power supply, servicing time can be greatly reduced by the output indicator LED's. If an output fuse is blown the accompanying LED will be off, simply identifying the device connected to this output will allow for a problem to be quickly corrected. In addition to short circuit protection the input terminals also have a surge protector that can absorb a 1500Watt spike or surge to protect connected devices.

Features and Benefits (PDM-4, PDM-8 & PDM-8S):

- PDM-4 and PDM-8 convert a single input to 4 or 8 seperately protected outputs.
- PDM-8S Distributes up to three inputs into 8 separately protected outputs.
- Seperate RED power indicator LED for each output.

Power Distribution Device with Fire Trigger (PDD-FT): The PDD-FT board is a fire panel control interface. This board can be used to control DC output based on a fire alarm control panel. Outputs switch state on alarm. Available for 1.5A or 3A Power Supplies.

24-12 VDC Converter Board (24-12CONV): The 24-12 Converter Board will convert the output of a 24VDC power supply down to 12VDC. This board can be used to allow a user to have output voltages at 24VDC and 12VDC from the same single output power supply. The converter board uses PWM technology to minimize heat and power losses.

Features and Benefits (24-12CONV):

- Converts 16-28VDC input to 13.3VDC at the output.
- Class 2 Power Limited.

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