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PDL3000-US3 Alarm Lock Digital Lock

Alarm Lock

"Save All the Downtime and 1/2 the Cost of Hardwired Systems"

- Function: Standard (Schlage "SC1" Keyway Cylinder, included).
- Finish: Brass (US3).
- Delivery: The Alarm Lock PDL3000 Pushbutton Lock is In Stock and Available to Ship.

- Special Orders: For pricing on any Alarm Lock PDL3000 Lock not on this page please contact Taylor via e-mail ( or call 1-800-676-7670.

Total Price: $955.73
Availability: Orders Accepted

PDL3000 Trilogy Keyless Cylindrical Door Lock by Alarm Lock

The Alarm Lock PDL3000 Series is a weatherproof leverset that provides 2000 user codes or HID proximity ID cards with a keypad and proximity reader on one side, an audit trail log, time-stamped by day, date, time and user, as well as scheduled, automatic lock/unlock events. Trilogy features global lockdown in seconds and eliminates door-to-door programming and audit trail queries by communicating wirelessly via ethernet or 802.11.

Features an HID compatible ProxCard reader, and a real-time clock/calendar that automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and allows for automated programming of events. Features three methods of programming: (1) all features can be programmed manually through the keypad; (2) you can transfer programming instructions directly from your laptop or desktop PC using DL Windows software and a special AL-PCI cable; and (3) data can be transferred from your PC to your PDL lock via the AL DTM2 handheld Data Transfer Module. In addition, data can be retrieved from the lock in one of three ways (1) through an infrared printer; (2) directly from the lock to the PC; or (3) through an AL-DTM2 to your PC.

Features and Benefits:

- Provide access for up to 2000 users, with prox ID-cards or 3 to 6 digit codes including: Master, manager, supervisor and basic user. Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or, for the highest security, both card and code.
- Built-in HID Prox reader for entry with HID prox ID cards and keyfob credentials.
- Grade 1 BHMA Certified durability and rugged clutch mechanism ensure long dependable life.
- Electronic master key system with access customized to each user's hours - Give each user access to common areas and/or their individual area(s) and do so defined by the actual times they are permitted entry there.
- Codes are fingertip programmable -or- downloadable via PC (with Free Windows-based Alarm Lock Trilogy Software) or using optional Data Transfer Module.
- ID Cards can be simply added locally by individually tapping them on the lock face -or- added in multiples in batch-enrollment with PC or optional Enroller Module.
- Easy to install in about an hour retrofits most cylindrical locksets and cleanly retrofits mechanical digital locks' prep.
- Ideal ID-card access system solution, one door at a time - especially when hardwire access system capacity, timelines or budgets run out.
- 500 scheduled events save manpower. Program events such as automatic locking or unlocking by daily, weekly or holiday schedule, etc. Includes 4 quick schedules for one-step set up of the 4 most common time schedules.
- Real time clock allows logging of vents to within 1 second accuracy.
- Up to 40,000 event audit trail with time/date stamp for a printable record of door access activity by user.
- Adjustable entry time allowance from 3-15 seconds.
- Greater security with "temporary keypad lockout" after 6 unsuccessful code-entry attempts (adjustable from 1-9 attempts) - Attempts are also logged by time and date.
- Programmable relays energize when one or more selected events occur, e.g., in concert with a receptionist buzz-in application or with video cameras.
- Long-life battery operated; uses 5 off-the-shelf AA batteries; 60,000 cycles, typical. Audible and visual low-battery alert.
- Weatherproof performance for indoor and outdoor applications, wide operating temperature range of -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C).

Finish: The Alarm Lock PDL3000 comes in Brass (US3) finish.
 6-Pin Solid Brass, SC1 Schlage Keyway included with Standard model.

Special Order Information: For pricing on any function, keyway or finish of the Alarm Lock PDL3000 Series not found on this page please contact Taylor Security direct via e-mail ( or call us toll-free at 1-800-676-7670.


Door Thickness: 1-5/8" to 1-7/8".
Backset: 2-3/4" Standard.
Keypad: Weatherproof, All metal, 12 button programmable.
HID Proximity Reader: Built-in, weather-sealed HID reader supports virtually all HID cards and HID fob credential formats.
Strike: 1-1/8" x 2-3/4" T-strike & 1-1/4" x 4-7/8" ASA strike included. With screws for wood or metal jambs.
Power: 5 AA alkaline batteries (included).
Door Prep: Standard ANSI A115 Series Prep, modified by adding additional through-bolt holes.
Compliances: BHMA Certified Grade 1 heavy duty cylindrical lockset. UL Listed, FCC certified, ADA compliant levers.

Special Order Information: For pricing on any function, keyway or finish of the Alarm Lock PDL3000 Series not found on this page please contact Taylor Security direct via e-mail ( or call us toll-free at 1-800-676-7670.

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Trilogy T3 Electronic Digital Lock

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