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CDX-10 / X-10 / LKM10K


X-10 Lock (NSN 5340-01-613-2078)

The X-10 Lock is the trusted choice for securing the US Government's strict requirement of Federal Specification FF-L-2740 - it's highest security standard for electro-mechanical locks. The X-10 is the GSA approved lock for FF-L-2740, latest revision B, Style 1 applications. The X-10 approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets and Class 5 Security vault doors.

Kaba Mas Limited Use Clause for X-10 Series: Section 1.1.1 Limited Use. "Locks tested and qualified under this specification are to be sold only to the Federal Government, Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these locks, or other organizations specifally authorized or required by the Government to use these locks." See Full Limited Use Clause below.

** Kaba-Mas has announced that the color of all X-10 models will change from gray to black. We will no longer have these locks with a gray finish.

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