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Access Control


RCI 946 Square Stainless Steel Pushplate

"Ideal for a Broad Range of Door Automation Applications"

- Select Function: 946HP45-MO, 946HPS45-MO, 946H45-MO, 946P45-MO, 946P45BLU-MO, 946HP45BLU-MO, 946POD45-MO, 946P475-MO, 946HP475-MO, 946HP475BLU-MO, 946H475-MO, 946PTE475-MO, 946HP6-MO, 946H6-MO, or 946P6-MO.
- Delivery: The RCI (946) Square Stainless Steel Push Plates are factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

$56.70 - $59.23
Availability: Orders Accepted
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