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Safety Lockout


Multilingual Padlock Labels (411)

The S141 Multilingual Padlock Labels are part of Master Lock

- Select Language: North American (S141), Mandarian Chinese/English (S141LZHLEN), Russian/English (S141LRULEN), Portuguese/English (S141LPTLEN), Japanese/English (S141LJALEN), German/English (S141LDELEN), European French/English (S141LFRLEN), Italian/English (S141LITLEN), Flemish/English (S141LNLLEN), Czech/English (S141LCSLEN), Polish/English (S141LPLLEN), or European Spanish/English (S141LESLEN).
- Delivery: The Master Lock S141 Multilingual Padlock Labels
 are factory-ordered, please allow 8-10 working days' lead time.

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