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CDX-10 / X-10 / LKM10K


LKM10K - LKM10KP Panic Bar (Exit Only)

LKM10K Panic Bar Model (Exit Only)

The LKM10K Lock Series Exit Models are designed to control the flow of traffic into rooms with multiple entrances, while always providing single motion egress. The Exterior Trim is a simple stainless steel plate so is not an FF-L-2890B approved lock, however it was approved for Government use.

Panic Device (Panic Bar Model) - A device for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward-opening door. When the bar is pushed or depressed, it activates the mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to quickly exit the area in panic situation. (Type III & IV).

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Select Strike: #2 Strike (for Outswing Door) or #9 Strike (for Double Door).
- Delivery: The Lockmasters LKM10K is factory-ordered, please allow 3-4 week lead time.

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