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Master Lock 0.25 Oz. Lubricant Pen Oiler

Master Lock's new Lock Lubricant is the ideal lubricant for multiple applications including: Padlocks, Door Locks, Automotive and Marine applications. Master's new PTFE forumulation cleans the lock components while also lubricating and leaves behind a protective shield against dust, dirt, salt, moisture and other corrosive materials.

"Ideal for Maintaining Lock Performance"

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2300D 0.25 Oz. Lubricant Pen Oiler by Master Lock Hardware

Keep your locks operating like new in any environment - snow, rain, freezing temperatures, marine, extreme heat.

Features and Benefits: 

- Ideal for padlocks, door hardware, automotive, marine, and multipurpose applications.
- Prolong the life of your lock - Apply 2-3 drops in key hole and shackle openings every three to six months for trouble free operation.
- Provides a long lasting protective shield against dust, dirt, salt, and moisture to prevent rust, corrosion, and loosens stuck parts.
- Precision nozzle designed specifically for precise application inside locking devices.
- Wide temperature range of -40°F to 500°F.
- Non-toxic & Biodegradable.

Best Used For:

- Marine Recreation.
- Harsh Outdoor Conditions.
- Corroded Padlocks.

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