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M62FG-SASM Gate Magnalock by Securitron


"1200 lbs. Holding Force Magnalock"

- Select Function: M62FG, M62FG-SASM, M62FGB, M62FGBD, M62FGD, or SASM.
- Delivery: The Securitron M62FG is In Stock. Please allow 3-4 days' lead time on all other functions.

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M62FG-SASM - Gate Magnalock by Securitron

The Shock Absorbing Magnalock Solution for Outdoor Gates!

The M62FG-SASM is the only heavy duty Magnalock specifically designed to secure and protect gates. This weatherproof unit delivers 1200 lbs of holding force and comes equipped with conduit fittings and a special shock absorbing strike mount (SASM). This unique design dramatically prolongs the life of the lock, the gate and other hardware by controlling excessive impact between the strike plate and the magnet.

1200 lbs. holding force weatherproof face-mounted Magnalock with conduit fitting and automatic dual voltage. Shock Absorbing Strike Mount (SASM) controls excessive impact between the strike and the Magnalock, dramatically prolonging the life of the lock, gate and other hardware. SASM is available with the M62FG, or as an individual kit to retrofit existing M32, M62 or M82 Gate Magnalock installations. Recommended for high security perimeter fence gates and electrically operated sliding gates.

The SASM is also available as a separate retrofit kit and is compatible with M32, M62 or M82 Magnalock strike plates for areas prone to excessive force closures or slamming.

Features and Benefits:

- Flexible bracket options for swinging or sliding applications.
- Fully sealed for weather-proof operations.
- Includes universal threaded conduit fitting 1/2" female - 3/4" male.
- 10 ft. [3.05m] of jacketed, stranded conductor cable.
- Noise suppresion with included MOV.
- Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required.
- Rust resistant - All ferrous metal surfaces plated for durability.
- SASM is a simple-to-install Stainless Steel parts kit.
- SASM main spring provides 5/8" impact compression and 110 lbs. resistance.
- SASM anti-kickback spring provides 3/8" of rebound travel to return the gate to the normal "home" position.
- Architectural brushed stainless steel finish (US32D/630).
- Hardware accessories available to configure any opening. See "Related Items" above.

Specification Data:

- UL 10C Listed.
- CAN4-S104, CAN/ULC-S533 Listed.
- ANSI/UL 294 Listed.
- CSA-C22.2 No. 205 Listed.
- ANSI/BHMA A156.23, Grade 1; E08501-1000.
- CSFM - California State Fire Marshal Approved.
- MEA - City of New York Approved.
- Patent: 8,094,017.

Holding Force: 1200 lbs [544kg]
Electrical: 250mA at 12VDC; 150mA at 24VDC
Operating Temperature: -40 to +140F [-40 to +60C]

Optional Features:

(B) BondSTAT Magnetic Bond Sensor (MBS): Unlike typical door positon switches that indicate whether or not a door is closed, BondSTAT also notifies your access control or alarm system that the door is accurately secured. BondSTAT's magnetic field monitors the entire surface of the armature, not just the center or corner. Any variation in the armature's position beyond established installation parameters will initiate a signal indicating the Magnalock in not generating full holding potential.

(D) Integrated Door Positon Switch (DPS): Internally monitors the position of the door that it's mounted on. This allows a seamless interface between genuine Magnalocks and any access or alarm system for functions like anti-tailgate and pass back as well as door forced and door prop alarms - without the need for a seperate door position switch.

(F) Face Drilled: Provides the holes for the mounting bolts through the face of the magnet in a front-to-back orientation rather than through the magnet bottom-to-top.

(G) Gate Conduit: The conduit fitting is offered on some Magnalocks that can be used for gate-mounting applications and features an outer diameter and inner diameter.

(SASM) Shock Absorbing Strike Mount: For shock absorption and rebound assistance for proper gate alignment.

Delivery: The Securitron M62FG is in stock and available to ship. Please allow 3-4 business day lead time on other functions.

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