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LCN 7901 Single Control Box

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LCN Door Closers

"Single Control Box, 1-Circuit"

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7901 Control Box by LCN

Heavy duty, surface mounted control box contains one or two electrically controlled pneumatic circuits. Air filtration, pneumatic regulation, and system timing is performed by the control box. 7980 Series control boxes also contain a built-in air pump to power the system. Each pneumatic circuit can be adjusted for a hold open time up to 30 seconds. Output air pressure can be adjusted to precisely tailor system to individual door requirements.

Pneumatic connections use standard barbed fittings and 925 tubing from the compressor to the control box to the operator. A package of barbed tee and butt connectors are supplied with each control box to simplify installations. Consult LCN for details.

Other than a semi-annual inspection of the air filter assembly and muffler, no periodic system maintenance is required.

Features and Benefits:

- For single door applications or independent control of single door in multiple door systems. Two door leaves can be operated, if they are activated simultaneously.
- The single pneumatic circuit accepts Normally Open (N.O.) inputs from hardwired or RF (wireless) actuator/receiver combinations.
- The 7901 control box requires a separate compressor.

Control Box Installation Notes

1.) Locate a 7900 Series control box so no more than 100 linear feet of LCN 925 pneumatic tubing is required between the control box and door. Maximum 50 linear feet for a 7980 and 7949 Series.

2.) Locate a 7900/7980/7949 Series control box where the temperatures do not exceed 120°F or fall below 35°F.

3.) 7901, 7902 and 7949 control box input 120V AC @ 1 amp. 7981 and 7982 control boxes input 120V AC @ 5 amp.

4.) Output voltage is 12V DC @ 0.25 amp. max.

5.) Air pressure input, 80 PSI minimum/100 PSI maximum, required for 7901, 7902 and 7949.

6.) Regulated air output up to 80 PSI for Auto Equalizer.

7.) Auto Equalizers require approximately 0.5 cfm airflow in heavy traffic.

8.) All control boxes are 15" x 15" x 6".

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