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DynaLock 7000 Keyswitches

SKU# 40010

"Multiple Switch Functions"

- Select Function: 7005 (Momentary, Maintained, SPDT), 7025 (Momentary, Maintained, DPDT), 7050 (Momentary, Maintained, 3101C), or 7051 (Momentary, Momentary, 3101C).
- Delivery: The DynaLock 7005 & 7025 are In Stock. Please allow 3-4 days' lead time on all other functions.

Total Price: $114.00 - $235.00
Availability: Orders Accepted

7000 - Keyswitches by DynaLock

Keyswitches may be used to control electric locks, shunt or activate security panels, consoles or any similar requirements. The assembly is supplied with face plate, bracketry, cylinder locknut and one or two switches depending on model ordered. The user typically supplies the mortise cylinder and cam when master keying a system. Models 7050 & 7051 do not require a cylinder.

Switch contacts rated 6 amps @ 125VAC and are available momentary or maintained, SPDT or DPDT. Switch assembly requires 1-1/2" depth clearance and is shipped on single, double or narrow gang plates.

Cylinder Requirements: 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" Mortise Cylinder with "bat" type.

Features and Benefits:

- Compatibility: Keyswitch readily accepts any standard 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" long mortise key cylinder fitted with a specified "bat" type cam.
- Multiple Switch Functions: Switches are available in momentary or maintained functions, with single or double pole contacts and may be ordered in varying combinations.
- Tamper Resistant: All visible screws are spanner head.
- Heavy-Duty Switching: Switch capacity 6 amps at 125 volts.
- Factory Prewired Switches: Are shipped with 6" long factory wired color-coded 18 ga. leads.
- Available in Brushed Stainless Steel (US32D) finish.

Optional Features:

Maintained Contact: Rotating the key to its stop and back to vertical changes the state of the switch contact. To return the contact to its original state this procedure must be repeated. Key is removable in the vertical position.

Momentary Contact: Rotating the key to its stop changes the state of the contact while the key is held in that position. Rotating the key back to vertical returns the switch contact to its original state. Key is removable in the vertical position.

Delivery: The DynaLock 7005 & 7025 are in stock and available to ship. Please allow 3-4 business day lead time on other functions.

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