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Codelocks TKYTHSET Gravity Full Tether Device

SKU# 1231010

The TKYTHSET Gravity Full Tether Device is part of Codelocks

Delivery: The Codelocks TKYTHSET Gravity Full Tether Device is factory-ordered, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time.

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TKYTHSET - Gravity Full Tether Device by Codelocks

Gravity® ties the keys to its user to remain in the proximity of the tether. Gravity® works by linking cards/keys via an electronic signal to avoid keys being lost from the start. Upon breaching the 20-foot radius Gravity's unique alarm, vibration and strobe light are triggered to alert users to quickly retrace steps to recover unit.

When combined with Key Secure by Codelocks, a key control cabinet that utilizes coded access to authorized persons, it becomes a fully comprehensive solution.

How it works

Gravity® is very simple to use. Remove it from the box, select and install a belt clip, attach it to your key ring, clip Gravity to your belt and you are ready to go. When you need to you use your keys, use your thumb to press the key release button and pull keys up and away from your body (dual action release). As the units separate, the strobe light on the key unit will flash one time indicating that the electronic tether has been set.

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