The BEA Group develops sensing solutions that are designed to improve the performance and safety of automated equipment. BEA's mission is to work closely with the industry, our customers, and manufacturers to ensure that these solutions can enhance overall operations while helping streamline safety, security and productivity.
Using microwave technology, BEA's MS41 produces a detection field with a reliable and consistent transmission in interior and exterior applications. Capable of detecting a moving hand, cart or wheelchair. Plus, an adjustable hold time offers flexilbity to meet ANSI standards.
BEA constantly researches, develops and integrates the latest technologies into our products to create a diverse range of sensing solutions for pedestrian, industrial, transportation and security applications. Our sensors improve comfort, safety and accessibility, while streamling pedestrian and vehicular flow in applications around the world.
Additionally, BEA partners with OEM's in key markets to ensure that sensors, knowing act devices and other solutions can be incorporated seamlessly with their equipment.
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