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BEA Touchless Actuator with Single & Double Gang Black Faceplate


The 10MS08U Touchless Activation Sensor is part of BEA

- Select Function: 10MS08U (Single & Double Gang) or MS11 (Single or Double Gang Steel).
- Delivery: The BEA Adjustable Range Touchless Actuator is factory-ordered, please allow 3-5 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $176.40 - $217.35
Availability: Orders Accepted

10MS08U - Adjustable Range Touchless Actuator by BEA

No-Touch Switch for Hands-Free, Germ-Free Activation!

BEA's touchless activation sensor, the MS08, utilizes microwave technology and the Doppler Radar effect. This Doppler Radar effect emits a signal that, when reflected by a moving object (i.e. a hand, cart, wheelchair, etc.), activates the door. This touchless feature greatly reduces the spread of bacteria commonly found on push plates requriing a physical touch for activation.

The MS08 touchless activation sensor from BEA can be used in clean rooms, healthcare facilities, food processing plants and other facilities desiring a safer way to activate doors without spreading germs. The beveled, low profile design of the MS08 helps reduce wear and tear caused by carts and other objects that may come into contact with the sensor.


- Detection zone from 4 - 24 inches (pulse or toggle).
- Silent activation for hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments.
- Water-resistant foam gasket provides increased reliability when exposed to liquid or cleaning products.
- Low profile, beveled design reduces chance of accidental damage in high traffic areas.
- Includes both single & double gang back faceplates.


- NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure capable of use in individual and extreme washdown environments.
- Illuminated blue center changes to green upon signal reception / activation.
- Adjustable sensing zone from 2- 24 inches (pulse or toggle).
- Adjustable audible alert setting, including silent-mode required for hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments.
- Configurable output hold time of 1 - 30 seconds allowing unique, user-defined device placement.
- Compatible with all automatic door control makes and models.
- Stainless steel faceplates.

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