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Abus Safelex™ Universal Cable Lockout

SKU# 9108
Abus Locks

The Safelex™ Universal Cable is part of Abus

- Select Length: 3' (C503), 6' (C506), 9' (C509), or 15' (C515).
- Delivery: 
The Abus Safelex™ Universal Cable is factory-ordered, please allow 8-10 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $17.11 - $26.28
Availability: Orders Accepted

Safelex™ Universal Cable by Abus

There are situations when the right lockout device is not at hand. If a machine is malfunctioning and has to be serviced quickly, sometimes there is not enough time to search for a special valve, circuit breaker, or other device. The Safelex™ universal cable lockout is the solution. It is universally applicable, especially in cases where longer distances between two lockout points have to be bridged. Thanks to the flexible cable which is available in four different lengths, the high-quality Safelex™ can be used universally for the lockout of various energy sources. The handling is easy and intuitive because the device is used just like a standard safety hasp with space for up to 6 padlocks. The cable gets clamped inside the body of the Safelex™, a completely secure and fast way of fixing.

Features and Benefits:

- Intuitive design for self-explanatory application.
- Patented grip mechanism for secure fixation of the cable.
- Retightening possible at any time, even when locked.
- Isolated, exchangeable metal cable in different lengths.
- Holds up to 6 padlocks.

Length: The Safelex™ Universal Cable comes in 3' (C503), 6' (C506), 9' (C509), and 15' (C515) length.


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