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Abus 80TI/40HB40 TITALIUM Padlock - 1-1/2"

Customize Your Abus 80TI Series Padlock!

"The Absolute in Technical Strength"

- Delivery: The Abus 80TI/40HB40 Padlock is factory-ordered, please allow 8-10 working days' lead time.

Total Price: $9.25

80TI/40HB40 - TITALIUM Padlock by Abus

The flagship of the TITALIUM™ family of padlocks makes an impression with both its look and its technical properties. Within the massive lock body is a 6-pin precision cylinder with paracentric keyway gives protection against force or manipulative even break-ins.The 80TI Series has a chromium-plated cylinder core and hardened steel shackle with special NANO Protect coating assure security and high corrosion resistance.

The TITALIUM™ material is a special aluminum alloy that uniquely combines a high level of strength with lightness just like in the aircraft or automobile industry. The contemporary material implementation is reflected in the design of the products: TITALIUM™ series padlocks all feature an impressive stainless steel like finish.

The new TITALIUM™ range is the new reference for padlocks. With approximately 30% reduced weight compared to traditional brass padlocks with at least the same level of security, the TITALIUM™ lock series becomes an attractive alternative.

The TITALIUM™ series of padlocks stands out with three product series offering various sizes for individual security requirements. With the flagship 80TI Series, the main 64TI range and the entry-level 54TI Series, ABUS offers a versatile range of security solutions for both personal and commercial applications.

Features and Benefits:

- Solid lock body made from TITALIUM™ aluminum alloy: higher security & less weight.
Keyed Different (KD): all 80TI Padlocks come with 2 keys.
- Special alloy steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating.
- Double-bolted.
- High-precision 6-pin cylinder with paracentric keyway.
- Just as strong as traditional brass padlocks.

Shackle: Select Shackle Size -- 1-1/2" (80TI/40HB40).

Bulk Discounts: For Bulk Discounts please call (1-800-676-7670) or e-mail (sales@taylorsecurity.com).


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